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Resources for Romans Series

Some resources you might want to check out for further studies on Romans:

Resources and Bibliography:

Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart, How to Read the Bible Book by Book. The perfect guide for getting a handle on the basic themes of Romans. This tool is especially helpful if you are going to sit down and read straight through the letter on your own.

Douglas Moo, The Epistle to the Romans. This is more information that you want, but Moo covers every argument on every issue throughout Romans. His comments on the structure of the letter were particularly insightful and consequently influenced the structure of this series. Originally recommended to me by George Hinman.

Earl Palmer, Salvation by Surprise. In my opinion, this is Earl’s best; Complete with diagrams this is might actually be the most clearly systematic of the commentaries that I worked with. Earl follows the structure of Paul’s argument very closely and helps readers understand each section as the argument progresses.

Tom (N.T.) Wright, Paul for Everyone: Romans (One and Two). Accessible commentary where N.T. Wright essentially gives “kids sermons” on the different themes throughout Romans. A very helpful resource when you are trying to figure out what not to say or cover. Wright has gone on to write some of the most provocative stuff on Romans in decades, most of it pretty heady.

N.T. Wright, Justification. Wright’s exploration of Paul’s theology of justification through Galatians and Romans. He takes a covenantal approach to justification in response to John Piper’s recent book challenging Wright.

John Piper, The Future of Justification, a Response to N.T. Wright. A justification understanding through the lens of the Reformers, directly challenging the theology of justification of N.T. Wright.

Paul Achtemeier, Romans (Interpretation Commentary). Achtemeier does an excellent job of clarifying the issues for the average reader, but offers an in-depth account that addresses all of the issues that Paul is unpacking in Romans.

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