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Meet Your 2011 World Deputees!

Team Ecuador! Sean, Brittany, Missy, & Leo

Team Cambodia! Carly, Brittany, & Lael

Team India! Rachel, Claire, Chelsea

Team Kenya (Nairobi)! Jonathan, Daniel, & Dan

Team Kenya (Rafiki)! Andrew, Elle, Emily, & Andrew

Team Philippines! Brianna, Amelia, & Hannah

Team Russia! Katie, Nicole, Grant, & Ian

Team Serbia! Alexandra, Jaimee, Sarah, Annie

3 responses

  1. Hello dear INN staff!
    I remember my days living across the street from the INN at the UCU house, and I absolutely loved Tuesday nights at the INN! I was preparing for Deputation the year of 2004, but then ended up having to work that summer instead. But it was part of God’s plan, because that September, i traveled to Colombia to work for three weeks on a YWAM(Youth With A Mission) base mercy-ministry, in which God spoke to me about pursuing the nursing career. When I returned to the UW, I switched my plan of studies to nursing!
    After working at Seattle Children’s hospital for 18 months, I left everything to work full-time with YWAM in Argentina!
    I have been here for two years now, and I am loving the challenge of living by faith and growing closer to God each day!
    We have a Help and Rescue ministry here , amongst other ministries working with children and street-evangelism, and we often receive short-term teams from other countries.
    It is so nice to receive news from UPC’s ministries!
    I thought it would be important to be in touch, and perhaps someday in the future, you can send Deputees down to Argentina!!! There is SO MUCH work to be down! The harvest is RIPE!
    God bless you tremendously!!!
    Sending you my love from Mar del Plata, Argentina!
    ~Marissa Griffith

    May 9, 2011 at 10:09 am

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  3. Love it! Sweet group of students off to the ends of the earth to explore, serve, receive and have a sweet time. What an opportunity.

    June 21, 2011 at 1:05 pm

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