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Curiously Led

Yesterday at UPC, George delivered a great sermon on responding to the “nudge of the Holy Spirit” by reflecting on the Spirit’s work in Acts 8 when Phillip was told to go and join the reading of Isaiah that was happening in the chariot of the Ethiopian. For me, the “nudge” George referred often comes in the form of curiosity.

I graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in journalism. My real major, however, was the job and the internships I had during college. I spent 40-plus hours a week working in the UW Sports Information office in addition to an internship with the Seattle Mariners during the baseball season. Both experiences were a blast and had me thinking I was well on my way to a career in public relations; if not, certainly something in the sports industry. I enjoyed it and I seemed to have opportunities that others would have desperately loved to have. My career seemed to be on a very clear path.

But then I got curious. Curious to know what it might look like to put my gifts and talents into play in full-time ministry. Curious to discover how an experience working at a church might influence my faith. Curious to know if maybe God had something different in mind for me.

The curiosity led me to leave a full-time, (pretty) well-paying job, to take an internship…in ministry. Some voices in my life believed me to making a big mistake, perhaps committing career suicide.

What was supposed to be a 9-month curiosity-relieving experience is now near the completion of its 11th year. Turns out I’m way more passionate about the Gospel than I realized and eager to share that passion and assist in raising up people that believe in and live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their daily lives. My curiosity proved to be that nudge that invited me to see and experience more of God’s abundance in my daily life.

Written by Ryan Church

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