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Follow Me.

So, I was on the interstate about a week ago heading into work and decided to turn down the radio to think and pray. I prayed specifically for my future, “Lord, what is it you want me to do. I’ll do whatever. I’ll go wherever. Please, I’m willing.”

That’’s when I look up and see these words on the back of an 18 wheeler:

““Follow me… to get something to eat.””

I remember thinking, “”You are so stinking cool! Thank you! Okay, follow You. Wait, right now? I don’t know where this truck is going and I have to get to work.””

Decided not to follow the truck. Got off the interstate and prayed again, “Lord, seriously, I’ll follow you. Where to? What do you want me to do?”

This time I’’m at a red light. I look up and these words plastered on the back of a van:

““Follow me… to the grocery store.””

That morning I think He was trying to push me into something bigger (or perhaps, simpler). I believe He was saying, “Honey, I don’t care if you’’re driving into work, meeting with students, going to get something to eat, or shopping- follow Me and love Me and love others.”

I want to live into this truth. (I challenge you to, as well!). It doesn’t matter WHAT I do or WHERE I go I’’m called to follow Him. Love Him. Love others.

““Follow me”” are two little words that give me freedom. I hope they give you freedom too!

Written by Amber S.

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