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How have I seen God work in the decision making process of my life?

After 18 months of college ministry in Alabama I really didn’t feel like I was doing anything. In fact I felt pretty poor at my job, didn’t see much fruit from my effort, and was convinced that that this profession of fairly intangible, relational ministry was no longer for me. I am a guy who likes to see results, define success, and feel a sense of accomplishment from a hard day’s work.

So over Christmas break, 2007, I made the decision to come back in January and let my Young Life student leadership team know that I would not be returning after that spring. I had plans to move on to to something totally different, as well as plans to get them involved in other campus ministries, confident that Young Life would dissolve at this time. But after letting the team know, they responded with “Ok, how can we keep this thing going?”

And then story after story came from those that been so impacted by the ministry there that they couldn’t imagine letting it die. And for the first time in my year and a half there I actually felt like people were being impacted by the work God was doing through me and others.  In fact it was so affirming that it changed my trajectory completely from giving up vocational ministry, to continuing to pursue it back at UW.

It may have just been my own lack of faith or insecurities coming out before that time, but I really believe that that was a moment God put in my life to show me in a way that I would see and respond to, that I could be used in his Kingdom work by continuing on what I was doing.

Somewhere where our excitement runs into our gifting, I believe we discover what God has for us. And for me it took inviting my community into the decision making process to help me discover what that gifting was. Probably because it is always easier to see where we fail than where we succeed.

Community should be there to help us see what we can’t see when we get so caught up in our own world. And I feel fortunate that God continues to use others to speak through into my life.

Written by Mike M.

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