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God is Good at Tetris


I love Tetris.  The game is straight butter.  It fits my stream of thought.  You get different shaped pieces and you make them fit nice and tidy into full lines.  It is really a simple game that requires some foresight and strategic placement of pieces.  You get one piece at a time and you get to make it work.

Discerning your call has to come in pieces (otherwise, I am in trouble).  I believe that I have learned one of those pieces this year:  I am called to be in the lives of college students.  It became abundantly clear that my gifting and passions fit more adequately for college students then it does for high school or middle school students.  Before knowing this, I knew that I wanted to work with students.  Slowly, God is piecing together the big plan for my life.  I have seen God come alive in my own heart as I share in experiences with college students.  Whether it is in the Dominican Republic or in the Greek System, God is becoming more known through students and our interaction.  I am excited for more pieces to fall into place in the coming year.

My final burn:  We are going to discern more about ourselves through action and risks then we would spending hours in contemplation.  Go out and explore your passions!  We don’t have to think about them and guess.  God will continue to reveal himself to you as earnestly seek after Him and take steps of faith.  Whatever you do, do it as if you were working for the Lord.  I don’t know if my calling is in ministry, or if it’s in accounting.  For all I know, it could be neither.  Until I put my hand in accounting, it would be impossible to know if I have a calling in that direction.  Take a chance and step into new experiences and be sensitive to the ways that God is nudging you.  Truth be told, you don’t have to know now; do not put pressure on yourself to know.  Chill out.  Enjoy today.  We know we have that.  Take risks and continue to allow God to piece it all together.  After all, I imagine God is really good at Tetris.

Written by Michael W.

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