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Chum ree-up sooa From Cambodia!

After 20 hours of travel, Team Cambodia arrived safely into Phnom Penh International Airport and was greeted by 15 Young Life kids and the YL director Pyneath.  All 19 of us climbed into Pyneath’s truck and headed to the Young Life center where we will be living for most (all?) of our trip.  Fun fact, we were so disoriented from traveling that we had to ask what day of the week it was (which in case you’re wondering Seattle, we’re 14 hours ahead of you.)  The drive in itself was an adventure.  Cambodia is a bustling city in a very hot and humid climate, with people all over the streets.  Tuk-tuk’s and motorbikes were weaving in between cars, while monks and street vendors moved along the sidewalks.  As we got closer to the Young Life center, the weather changed–and unfortunately for the kids standing in the back of the truck bed–it began dumping sheets of rain.  We ran into the Young Life center, and the rest of the high schoolers jumped out yelling “SURPRISE!!”  We were then given a tour of the Young Life center, which by the way, is gorgeous.

Shortly after settling in, Pyneath and his soon-to-be-expecting wife Christina took us to a local restaurant for lunch.  We then got a brief tour of our area of Phnom Penh, and got to drive by the Royal Palace and the Mekong River, and some of the parks where some of our Young Life kids may hang out.

Our first morning in Cambodia started with a brief devotional time with some of the Cambodian Young Life staff.  It was amazing to worship with them, first singing the songs they knew in English, and then hearing them read, pray, and discuss 1 Timothy Ch. 1 in Khmer, while we followed along in English.  24 hours in, and we’re already amazed with how we see God moving in our lives, the lives of the Young Life staff, and throughout the people of Cambodia.  Starting next week we will begin teaching English, basic computer skills, and possibly some bible studies at the 3 Young Life centers in Phnom Penh.  Brittany will remain at Young Life center 1, Lael will be at center 2, and Carly at center 3.

Our prayer requests are for our adjustment to the culture, climate, and time zone, and that we have flexibility with the ambiguous scheduling…and of course for health and safety (24 hours in and no one’s sick yet!  Perfect record so far.)

Love and blessings from Team Cambodia,

Lael, Carly, and Brittany

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