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Team Serbia is saying “yes”

We have been in Belgrade, Serbia for a total of 35 hours now and have already discovered that time has no real value. In the sense that you should expect someone to show up at least 30 mins late if not later after the time you agreed to meet. We have also already made three trips to McDonald’s and for see this to be a frequent accurence as it is Samuil’s (the director of EUS) favorite.
We have had the chance to meet some amazing people that we will be working closely with over the next two months. Our busy days will be filled with working at a kindergarden, meeting with college students and building relationships with them, as well as having the chance to travel to Navi Sad, Montenegro and Croatia on different occionsons to attend confrences and work at camps.
We are excited to see how God will mold the summer and use us to serve. Our modo for the summer is to say “yes” to the things that we might normally say no too. We challenge the other deputies to say “yes” with us.
We will update you all soon! Ciao Ciao for now!
Love and Peace team Serbia,
Alex, Jaimee, Annie, & Sarah

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