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Trying Not to Lose Sight: Elle K’s Thoughts

We’ve been in Kenya a week and already I feel we are slowing down. A couple of us have gotten sick and are still in recovery (nothing serious, so don’t be alarmed). Just minor stomach aches and headaches. It’s been tough, but we are pushing on.
The kids themselves are a handful and I don’t think we realized just how much energy it would take to be around 97 children (the majority under 10). There are some that have attitudes and they don’t quite understand the concept of hurt feelings. A few mini missionary girls have already been called fat or men because they have arm hair… Which is a blow to the self-esteem even if we recognize they are only children.
I feel sometimes myself losing sight of why I am here. But when I look around at the foundation staff and the mamas and aunties I remember our purpose.
We’re here to serve and love these children with all we have. We’re here to serve and love the staff who go above and beyond for the sake of these children.
We’re here to serve one another and build each other up when we become down trodden.
We’re here for God.

“This is fellowship. Ministry is not confined to a place or thing–it is who we are. It is what we do with our heart and our hands. It is everything we choose to give.”

So I will put my weariness aside and give all I have. That is what we are called to do. Everyday, all day.

Keep us in your prayers,
Rafiki Team, Kenya.

One response

  1. Jeanne Boyd

    I so appreciate your honesty. …it puts us right where you are and I can empathize and instantly pray for someone who’s human. So, you got what you needed! (Prayer.) Thank you. And I hope He will carry a package of “Energy” to you very soon.

    For you, and all your teammates, I will trust you’ll see He can & does use us equally well when we’re energized or “flat”.

    Love, Jeanne

    July 2, 2011 at 3:45 pm

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