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The Beginning of the End at Camp Iskra

Only 5 more days left of camp. I can’t believe it! Camp Iskra has started to feel like our second home. We know the kids and the staff well now, so we are all very comfortable here. None of us even want to start thinking of having to say goodbye on Sunday. This last week at camp will be filled with campfires and teaching everyone how to make s’mores. Everyone is confused by the random ingredients in a s’more, but after they taste it, everyone always loves it and wants some more. Haha. Please pray that we all have the energy to finish this week strong!!
Although we are trying to focus on finishing our work here at camp, we also recently found out what we will be doing in St. Petersburg, which is exciting 🙂 After a 10 hour bus ride from Cherepovets to St. Petersburg, we will begin our next part of the deputation journey. In the city, we will be working with a ministry called Harbor Ministry. This ministry takes in struggling teens and teaches them the essentials of how to live on your own, such as cooking, managing money, and taking care of yourself. Katie and I will be staying at the ministry’s apartment for the girls and Grant and Ian will stay with the guys. I’m not sure if the kids will speak English or not, but I’m sure we will get to know them and form relationships with them since we will be living with them for 10 days 🙂 Throughout the week we will be doing service projects for a church, such as cleaning and painting. I’m sure our experience in St. Petersburg will be very different from our time at Camp Iskra, but I’m excited to see what God has in store for us!
We will have high-speed internet access in the city, so expect to see some more posts! Miss you all 🙂


P.S. Mom, please have the kitchen stocked with vegetables when I get home. My stomach misses them 🙂

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