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“Ladies First!”

Team India continues to be challenged and spoiled by our hosts, the students and staff at school, and practically everyone we meet. We keep learning new things about the culture and the people, especially about relationships and how best to help the kids learn. We often experience people serving us; which feels awkward (at least for me) but to refuse I think comes across as rude. If anything these experiences make me want to live the same way, giving generously and cheerfully from what I have to care for others. I realize this is how we’re commanded to live, so I guess I need reminders. Hopefully it will become a habit.

Now we’d like to share what we’ve been up to these past couple weeks! On Tuesday night we stayed at the boys’ hostel at Asha Kiran, which we enjoyed very much. They were full of energy as always, and showed us humble hospitality that we weren’t sure how to accept. They insisted we get our food ahead of them, and the family who stays with the boys gave us their room to sleep in. We were blessed also by time spent praying, singing hymns and listening to God’s Word with them both evening and morning. They wanted us to stay longer but we didn’t want to impose and we have other places to go. It is beautiful to see how easily and patiently they take care of each other too, recognizing that everyone is different but each needs compassion and grace to live at peace with others. We love and adore all the children, and we do our best to show them every day.

During the last couple weeks we have gone out to explore Bangalore or just to get snacks and coffee at the local shops. We saw a Bollywood movie, Delhi Belly at a mall. It was pretty good, rather shocking at times but well done. Last week we returned to the mall with our host “mother”, Ritama, to get a pedicure from fish. Hundreds of small fish nibble the dirt and dead skin from people’s feet at Kenko Spa, while someone gives you a head, neck and back massage. At first it tickled terribly but we kind of got used to it. Last weekend we visited the Bible Society of India, where we saw how the bible was first made and then translated into many other languages.

As our time here comes to an end, we are finding more and more how difficult it is going to be to leave. Tomorrow we will travel to Goa, a beach city, and post soon after to let you know how beautiful it was! We have a prayer request: As of late we have been dealing with sickness going around so please, please pray for healing for us here in Bangalore. For the most part the three of us are pretty healthy but many of the people we are working with and staying with have been experiencing illness.

More to come when we return from Goa!

Rachel (blogger), Claire and Chelsea

Learn to play cricket (and stub your big toe good enough to peel the skin clear off): CHECK. Eat a green chili (by accident): CHECK. Skip in the monsoon rain: CHECK. Get a pedicure from hundreds of mini fish: CHECK. eat a mango pickle(omg):CHECK. Meet a Cougar fan (boo): CHECK.

2 responses

  1. Tim

    Well, sounds like you are having fun there Rachel :3

    Do you remember what the name of the mini-fish was? I’m kinda curious to research it now! XD

    August 1, 2011 at 9:40 pm

  2. Nazli H. Rizk

    Great to know that you’ve been having enriching experieces & interactions. Continuing to pray for you & for those you’re in contact with for good health/healing. & for the end of your time there!

    Love & prayers,


    August 2, 2011 at 4:35 pm

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