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Update from La Republica Dominicana

Sunrise at the hotel in Barahona.

Hola amigos!

It is incredible how time has been flying by this week. It´s already Thursday, which means we will start traveling home in less than 48 hours!

God has definitely been with us here in beautiful Barahona. He has given us an amazing opportunity to create relationships that will last much longer than the duration of this trip. Through our small groups and daily work teams, we have been able to connect with one another through Christ.

Every day has brought many new adventures. COTN has given us the chance to spend a large amount of time in the communities. We have been pouring cement floors, helping to construct new roofs and most importantly spending time with the children and other community members getting to know them better. Some of the guys have been able to play baseball games against local teenagers, and they even won their game yesterday! In the afternoons, some of the ladies have been playing softball in one of the communities and will play their first official game this afternoon against the national team.

Beyond all of the fun we are having, God is definitely working in each and every one of us. He has provided us with wonderful weather, energy to make the most of each day, and a time to reflect without the distractions that we have at home. He has also shown us that love, joy, and faith are the same in all languages.

It has been an awesome week filled wih memories that will stay with us for a very long time. Thank you for your prayers, and we look forward to sharing our stories with you when we arrive home!

God Bless,

Rochelle Jones

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