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the infection

Lots of excitement to the southeast.

One of my highlights was when trying to tell a lady her hair was perfect, I accidentally said her dog was perfect. She was confused.

Tropical storm warnings meant we closed down camp for a day! It hasn’t rained here this week but there has been some nice cool wind. We’re just hoping and praying it stops at that. The house we are in is big and safe, but most people around here can’t say the same.

Haiti’s greati but being stuck on a cot for a week is less so. When you get a deep cut while you are living in a place with infinity times more dirt and germs than Seattle, you might get an infection. (Note: being sick in a third world country is like, the worst.) Then you might not be able to walk for a week or two. It happened to me (Mollie) and I find myself getting so frustrated, as day after day I’m still wobbling around and I can’t hang out with the kids or really be of much use to anyone. Today I kept thinking how this isn’t what I came here to do! But then I thought, maybe it’s not about that. It’s about what I came here to see God do. God didn’t make a mistake, and even though it’s a curveball to me, He always knew this would be part of my experience. It’s cool that He planned it. Kind of annoying to me right now, but still cool.

I may not have had a whole lot of expectations coming into this, but I guess I thought I’d be running around all the time, and now that’s literally not possible. But a hurt leg won’t hold me back from where God is calling me. God doesn’t do sick leave. He’s more understanding and enveloping than that, with you all the time and moving in every situation. This has all just been a reminder to me that I am following God into unexpected places. That’s what I signed up for when I signed up for Deputation: going somewhere. The journey didn’t stop when the airplane landed, that’s for sure, and I know I speak for all of us. I may not always be hopping from country to country but God will never stop leading me to new places.

Not much else to say for now, but I’ll send another buddy to blog soon so they can tell you what happened in camp.

Bonswa Zanmi,

Mollie, Ethan, Heidi, & Meghan

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