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Na we anko…if not in this lifetime, surely in heaven!

Yesterday was a perfect ending to a perfect summer.  Last night, Mollie and I were able to share in an incredible experience together we will both cherish forever. A family of five, whose three kids all came to English Camp this summer, invited James who lives here, Mollie, and me to come to their house for dinner. A little background story to how that all came about is because of Angeline. Angeline has been a translator here at camp, whom I’ve grown particularly close to throughout this summer. She invited me to come to her house a couple weeks back, and I of course agreed to that but also wanted to bring a friend or two with me. So we three came and were pleasantly surprised at their hospitality toward us. Needless to say, an hour with this family was just not long enough. The mom told us as we were leaving that she wanted to have us come again, but she would like to have a meal prepared next time. And of course this is all in Creole. We were so thankful to have James with us, because he basically translated the entire time for both us and for them. Haha

So, last night was that night where us three were able to come back into their loving home. It was so cool to see how God orchestrated it all in order for this dinner to happen. It would take way too long to describe all the situations leading up to it in which conflicted with us being able to come, but I can certainly say that God allowed it to happen, and for that I am grateful.

They fixed us a beautiful and delicious Haitian dish, in which included rice, chicken, lettuce and tomatoes, and a beet and potato salad. We weren’t offered water until about two thirds of the way through our meal and we didn’t exactly have a cool breeze coming in the house (a.k.a. we were dripping in sweat) ….however, it was probably one of the coolest and most authentic experiences I have had yet here in Haiti. We were later offered this yummy watermelon juice, which basically crushed up watermelon, and then also offered this alcoholic drink, called cremas, which was served to us at the end. I believe it had whiskey, whipping cream, and a couple different ingredients I cannot remember. It was good, however, it was just really strong. Haha Mollie and I kept looking at each other and laugh subtly at the funny faces we were making as we would swallow. But man, we felt so so SO blessed to have been given the opportunity to spend a night with this family talking over this incredible meal they prepared for us. The cuteness of the kids probably play a role in it as well as they sat in the corner while we ate and would whisper to us sweet nothings in our ears.

Saying goodbye was really hard. The dad prayed for us as we were about to depart and thanked God for us and the fact that if we aren’t able to see each other again in this lifetime, we would surely see each other again in heaven. That mind set has seriously been what I’ve been telling myself as I’ve been saying my goodbyes to others. And it helps! …We have hope, as Christ followers, that this is just the start to the beautiful relationships we will encounter with one another in heaven someday.

-Heidi and the rest of Team Haiti

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