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The Daylight Savings Phenomenon

Every fall we set our clocks back an hour.  Daylight savings.  Between December 21 and June 21 each day increases by two minutes.   Each day we hardly notice, yet when it comes June the difference is astounding.   The days of darkness by 4pm are a distant memory as we enjoy 9pm sunsets.

This January, I have experienced a little taste of the Daylight savings phenomenon. After only thirty days of my 10-15 minute a day challenge, my days are notably brighter.

Scripture and prayer are the foundations of our Christian faith.  Reading and praying are the most basic practices, yet so easy to neglect.  2013 I had noticed a trend as fall turned into winter, I was getting more and more irritable, frustrated, discouraged, annoyed, apathetic.  I also had become incredibly lazy and dry in my relationship with the Lord.  My thoughts were continuing to drift to bad places.  I would find myself dwelling on lies, comparing myself to others, judging and criticizing myself and complaining.  It was awful!  I seemed to be stuck in these bad thought patterns that were seeping into every area of my life.  Yuck!

January 1, I decided to seize the obvious opportunity to reset and put these practices back into my life. Desiring success, I made my resolution attainable. I challenged myself to reading scripture every morning for the month of January. 31 days seemed more attainable than 365.  Although the routine only takes a few minutes daily, I have been blown away by the past month.   Daily I haven’t felt a transformation but looking back to last winter, I am undeniably changed.

Since reading I have noticed a few things:

  1. First of all I find my thoughts drifting to what I read that morning, trying to understand what “righteousness” actually means, or thinking about Moses and how crazy it would have been to see a burning bush.  It was so much healthier!
  2. If my mind would begin down a destructive path, I have been noticing sooner and able to stop that process and bring myself back to truth.
  3. The Lord has taught me so much about my friendships, future, marriage, family through reading random stories and passages.  Sometimes I have a mini revelation while reading, but often it is later that day or following days that something I read will jump out and I will gain new understanding about my life.
  4. Finally, I have noticed life seems a bit lighter.  The small things aren’t bogging me down as easily.  I can let go of little annoyances and maintain a bit more patience and perspective.

It is crazy! So simple and obvious, yet so powerful.

How do you think your day or week would be different if you began in Scripture?  How would that change your posture towards whatever comes your way?

Test the daylight savings phenomenon.  Read scripture 5 minutes a day, each day, and see what happens.

-Annika Cook

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