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Cao iz Srbije

We have now been in Serbia for 3 weeks, and have met so many wonderful people who have blessed our lives. We have been working with a student ministry here called EUS which caters to students attending university/high school in 2 cities: Belgrade and Novi Sad. We worked the first week in Belgrade and met with students living here in the city for the summer. We also prepared for the camp which took place in a town in the mountains of Croatia called Fuzine.

The camp was an amazing opportunity to invest in students further and to take in the beauty of the region. Casie and I usually spent each morning either running or walking around the lake the town surrounded, and then would have breakfast with students at the hostel. We at 9 am would then have chapel service and then English lessons. The lessons were actually not taught by us, but by the British team that came along with us to the camp. We had free time in the afternoon or would go on beach excursions after, which was great for getting to know the students and the Brits. There is so much resilience and strength in this community, their stories are inspiring and have touched us in many ways. A lot of the students at EUS are already christian and are interested in learning more about faith, apologetics and evangelism. Their love for Jesus is contagious and we are so happy to have worshipped and lived with them for a week.

This week we have gotten to visit Parliament because of Samuil’s endless connections (our missionary makes friends with everyone, he’s pretty cool), and the Royal Palace. We also visited the Hram Sv. Svetog Save which is the largest Orthodox Temple in Serbia. It was all very beautiful. We are headed to Leskovac to visit Danijel, one of the students we met at camp, along with a few others. We will head to Nis, which is rich in history surrounding Serbian slavery under Turkish power.






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