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Twas The Night Before

As I read the other Deputation posts, I get excited knowing that in 12 hours, I will be arriving at the airport. Shortly after that, I will be on an airplane with two other fantastic ladies on our way to Bangkok, Thailand! I can honestly say I don’t know where the time has gone, but here I am! 

When people ask me how I feel about the trip, I am never 100% sure how to respond. Yes, I am excited beyond words, however I think there is this underlying feeling of hesitation to be fully excited. I am indeed expecting to have fun and have exciting adventures, but I am also expecting a lot of growth. Although growth can be fun at times, there are also growing pains. I’m expecting to be placed completely out of my comfort zone – I already have been through this process! I know that I will be tested and stretched, which is such a beautiful thing. Growth is beautiful! Yet I fully believe the Lord molds us and at times this isn’t all fun.

I’m expecting my eyes to widen. Not only does engolfing myself in Thai culture enliven me, but I am expecting to be amazed by the Lord. I mean that I believe this trip will show me a hint of God that I could never see or know otherwise. I expect my faith to be powerfully challenged and yet incredibly encouraged and ultimately strengthened. 

As unusual as it sounds, I haven’t felt anxious or scared about this trip. I mean, leaving to a foreign land for two months is a scary concept, but I have not felt fear. Actually, I have been completely wrapped in peace about this trip ever since I picked up my Deputation application. It’s funny how God works things! Who knows how long this will last; I’m sure I will be nervous when I reach the airport. But I know that I need to just be still and remember that He is God.

And He is enough.

-Laura Nagel (Thailand team with Lisa Lehmann and Yordanos Beyene)